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Jan 22, 2010 1:00am EST
>> greta: tonight, mr. brown goes to washington! >> i think it is premature to talk about that appreciate your support. senator mccain as you now know was one of the first to actually look me in the eye in this office and say it is a long shot but i'm with you, if you feel you can win it. >> safe to say on behalf of the republican conference we are really happy to have him here. >> i have a lot to learn and i'm thankful that people on both sides of the aisle have made my initial visit here certainly very pleasant. >> you feel that you are being cored by democrats? >> listen, i've always had great respect for senator kerry, always. we have worked together on other issues. i know we are going to work together on issues in the future. >> we have an article in here today because you elected my job is going to be easier. i hope that is the case. >> i appreciate the across the aisle gesture and i'm hopeful we can work to solve the problems of our great country. >> good to see you. >> i voted for health care bill in massachusetts and it was a great bipartisan effort. so it is cle
Jan 22, 2010 5:00am EST
district of columbia. right now 36 in washington. in the low to mid-30s in montgomery, prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties but where that snow and sleet is falling and the rain as well freezing up in parts of the northern shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia. southern maryland around the bay in the upper 30s. there's a winter weather advisory, loudoun, howard, shenandoah valley and that warning zone all those counties in pink could get some significant icing there as the day progresses. had light icing overnight along with sleet and snow. showing a developing area of low pressure around cape hatteras as that low deepens it will dra in colder air, change the rain into light notice. light snow in washington, suburbs, all around the region by late morning and off and on through the afternoon but just a trace for total accumulation arnd the metro area. but further west and north two to four inches of snow and sleet as we get into the late afternoon hours. all this will ends. quarter inch of ice in the shenandoah valley. all this ending by late afternoon cle
Jan 8, 2010 6:00pm EST
journalists in washington to discuss politics and to ridicule might flambe efforts. we will be right back. >> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, howard university television. and now, the program host, national syndicated columnist, llewellyn king, and co-host, linda gasparello. >> hello again, and thank you so much for coming along. everything haseen removed but i am here with the four brilliant people. linda laughing. i can cook. >> i am laughing through the running mascara. >> joe mathieu, of sirius xm radio. politics of the united states for people of the united states. extraordinary interesting political program. three hours a day. i am happy to say that until this point in time i have been included on fridays. one of my journalistic heroes, j.j. green, who is the national security correspondent of all news radio here in washington, wtop. i want to tell you you do a superb job. >> thank you, and so do you. >> you are very nice. but this is not about that. but you have been to afghanistan and i thought your coverage was extraordinary. i really mean that. b
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
on the repairs this morning. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. >>> take a look at the washington monument this morning. a litt shaky, a little breezy out there. temperatures above freezing here in the nation's capital at 37 degrees. that is not the case everywhere. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we do have some school closings an delays. >> closed today are shenandoah and warren county schools in virginia as well as garrett and the allegheny county schools in maryland. fauquier and frederick county virginia schools are also closed. the following schools are on the a two-hour delay, west virginia, grant being hampshire, mineral, morgan, hardy, jefferson berkeley county schools are on a two hour delay. >> that two-hour time frame i guess will be kind of critical today as well as the temperatures. >> the temperatures are key. where we are seeing the temperatures at or below freezing, that is where we are seeing some icing. maybe a little snow out there as well but most of what we're seeing off to the west is sleet mixed in
Jan 25, 2010 8:00pm EST
washington, the first president, and then john adams and all the way around until it came to ronald reagan right next to george washington. and he and i talked about the drama that he experienced on the wheel right next to president washington. on that particular week, we had the confirmation hearings of judge bork for the supreme court of the united states, and september 17 when i traveled to philadelphia with the president, it was a thursday and i missed my opportunity to question judge bork. and i got that opportunity on saturday morning, and i was the only one there and had -- at least there were only a few people there and had an opportunity to question judge bork for an hour and a half. and ultimately, played a key role in the rejection of the nomination of judge bork who believed in original intent and had a very, very different view of the constitution. did not believe in due process of law. that was not part of the constitution, and he disagreed with the incorporation of the ten amendments through the due process clause to apply to the states. and that was a momentous supreme cour
Jan 20, 2010 7:00am EST
page of the washington journal, they write that yesterday -- of the wall street journal, the right that it needn't be. the president remains more popular than his policies and voters want him to succeed. but they are sold out -- but they are also telling me needs to steer a more moderate less partisan course, return to the back into the and, t-shaped his political rise." clinton, maryland, robert, what do you say? caller: i do not think the republicans should take any solace in the fact that this gentleman won the election. this guy ran as an independent. this is an anti-incumbency vote against democrats and republicans for not getting anything done. the american people are tired of it. they want something done. what hurt the democrats mostly was the loss of the public option, because the public option was not in the health- care bill. it turned a lot of people against it. host: caller, what is your take now on the healthcare bill? we are seeing all sorts of varied possibilities. what would you like to see happen now? caller: they have to pass it, regardless of this. regardless of
Jan 29, 2010 7:00am EST
discussion with republican lawmakers. this morning on "the washington journal." we want to get your thoughts on the culture in washington. does it need to change bailout for democrats, 202-737-0002. for republicans, 202-737-0001. for independents, 202-628-0205. -- does it need to change? we begin this morning with this article, "washington culture leaves little hope for change." when asked this week, "70% believe that the government was unhealthy or in need of large reform. that is up from 43% just after the election of george w. bush. to the degree that they could send a message out of massachusetts, it was not a message to obama, it was a message about what is going on in washington. the better answer lies in the culture of the capital, where every problem is seen less as an issue to be resolved and more as a tool for a political position, where every position is automatically a failed by the other side's 24/7 political attack machine. with lawmakers failing to meet a compromise, they are failing their own party activists. this culture makes a retreat to partisan corners the safest route
Jan 22, 2010 4:30am EST
are delayed. two inches of snow and sleet and closer to washington overnight we had about half an inch to just maybe a tenth of an inch of snow and sleet, far northern montgomery county and into parts of loudoun county, frederick county and panhandle of west virginia and around the northern blue ridge. the regional radar, see those areas of moving color, that is where you see the blue and green that's rain. we're getting scattered light rain across virginia. those pink zones mixing with a little bit of sleet. scattered sleet in the shenandoah valley. panhandle of west virginia. sleet and light snow moving into the southern shenandoah valley and southern west virginia. now, this precipitation is going to be lingering here for all the y into the afternoon hours. some heavier rains right now just off the outer banks. an area of low pressure is over eastern kentucky now and another area of low pressure beginning to form around the outer banks. with that outer banks low deepens rapidly it will draw in colder air from the north and change this precipitation over to some periods of snow and sleet by
Jan 29, 2010 8:00pm EST
. unfortunately, i cannot control what comes out of washington. it is having an impact right now on our markets, and the only thing, the question, gary, at the top of the show said this, do you think the highs are in for the year? i do not believe they are. that's why i continue to fight on. i continue to believe in the positions that have good fundamental stories, good earnings, and i try and navigate around that. >> the things that are not under our control, rhetoric is one, sovereign risk is another. that has reared its ugly head today with the spreads. bonds not doing well. this is the other thing we're worried about. >> i think that's why markets are selling going into the weekend. there's a lot of news that could come out over the weekend. i think we may get something supportive over the weekend. you talk about the concerns we have over china. people are concerned the chinese bank lending is getting to a point where there may be npls. i don't think china has a credit problem, but you add the issues in the united states. i think this is about the dollar. today's data in the states was fant
Jan 16, 2010 8:00am EST
and due process. 2005 was a different time than now. that was a big deal. i was in washington at the time as a capitol hill correspondent and i remember the stir it caused in washington. defense secretary donald rumsfeld called the report reprehensible. dick cheney said he was offended. . called it absurd. the washington post editorialized that, quote, lately the organization has tended to save its most vitriolic condemnation not for dictators but for the united states and. it was a clear attempt to try to discredit this organization. i have followed washington politics long enough to know that when top officials attack you instead of ignoring you it is because they are scared of you. the white house's attack on the group's credibility for me at that time was a clear affirmation of amnesty international integrity and power. we are talking about look bush administration but it is important to note that president obama signed the national defense authorization act that endorses another attempt by the u.s. government to conduct military commission trial. amnesty international and irene khan
Jan 25, 2010 7:00am EST
on the future of the hybrid and electric car industry. "washington journal" is next. . . . the president's efforts to give the economy on track. that is this morning from "the washington post." the report breaking this morning about a plane crashed in the route, "the new york times" online have the story about the airplane crashing near beirut in stormy weather. officials said that 82 passengers and eight crew members were on board. we will update the information as we get it. ruth, democratic line. caller: i am not quite sure if we ever did what we were promising. to try and help people who were in trouble with their mortgages. i think that we took the wrong approach to begin with. so many people that were out of their homes. the fact ripples through the economy. -- the of fact ripples through the economy. let's help -- bethe effedctct te riffles through the economy. if the loan was renegotiated to what it was really worth, they can afford it, but the communication that happening. host: or you hit by the mortgage crisis at all? caller: i was not, i have a system set up with my children.
Jan 4, 2010 5:30pm EST
there may be more attempts to bomb airliners here. bbc news, washington. >> all of this, of course, amid growing concern about al qaeda's a pair links with yemen. -- apparently experian secretary of state hillary clinton -- >> the instability in yemen is a threat to global stability -- apparent links with yemen. trying to deal with the security concerns, and certainly, we know that this is a difficult set of challenges, but they have to be addressed. >> the secretary of state there in washington. the u.s. has lifted a 22-year ban preventing people with hiv or aids from entering the country. in have been in the 1980's. president obama says they are not compatible with becoming a leader in the fight against the disease -- it happened in the 1980's. russia has given georgia permission to resume air links. the first direct charter flights will start later this week. regular flights will follow soon before more talks between aviation authorities. the bbc has obtained evidence that a faulty computer software may have played a part in the crash of a chin up helicopter in scotland's where 29 peo
Jan 20, 2010 5:30pm EST
, politics in washington it is as bitter and divisive as ever. where is the change, asked impatient americans? now the anger has been turned on the democrats. >>> more on that to come later in the program. the people of haiti today felt a powerful aftershock that lasted several minutes is, -- that lasted several minutes, 6.1 magnitude. terrified people ran into the streets and more buildings collapsed. the eight organizations are still desperately -- aid organizations are still desperately trying to bring in medical supplies. >> katie's biggest hospital. -- haiti's biggest hospital. this neighborhood has been traumatized by terrifying aftershock. >> the staff here are fighting against all odds, trying to fight against this. this woman is trying to give birth and the baby is in the breech position. nearby, this woman had just given birth, a child born into chaos. >> it is chaos. >> the boy is ok? >> the boy is fine. >> another cry for help as staff gives aid to a young woman. they managed to revive her. >> this is a plastic tie for a bag of bread. we will cut the cord with this knife. >> is it
Jan 19, 2010 9:00am EST
on 210 at fort washington road. wrap it up with a 26-minute commute on 66 to get you from 123 to the capital beltway. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. >>> an early morning house fire in rockville, maryland has left three people injured including a firefighter. it happened 6:30 at a two-story home near glen nora park. kristin fisher is live with more on the investigation. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is the house right here. you can clearly see the fire is now out but as you mentioned three people were injured in the blaze this morning. two residents. one refused treatment and the other was take on the the hospital with minor burns and a firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries but no one was seriously injured here this morning thankfully. >> mom was screaming, john! john! john! i was like what the heck is going on. >> hanna moon woke up to a fire inside of their home. >> freaking out mostly. and really scared. so i got, i started to cry really bad and i was like oh my god. >> reporter: hanna's cousin came to her rescue and h
Jan 6, 2010 7:00am EST
.m. in washington where intelligent chiefs will this morning begin to make amends after stinging criticism from president obama that they failed to stop last month's attempted to bomb an american airliner. the director of national intelligence dennis blair says the intelligence community had to boost efforts to prevent new mr. obama had earlier told senior officials that the failure to anticipate the attack was a screw up. from washington, -- >> after learning what his intelligence team knew about the christmas a bomb plot and when they knew it, president obama was clearly not happy. >> u.s. government has sufficient information to have uncovered the plot and potentially disrupt the christmas day attack. some of our intelligence community failed to connect those doctors, which would have placed the suspect on the no-fly list. >> farouk of -- oman for root abdulmutallab was put on a bird did -- different watch lists. he was able to board of this plane carrying hidden explosives. >> it is increasingly clear that intelligence was not fully analyzed or fully leverage. that i not acceptable and i wi
Jan 7, 2010 6:00am EST
. washington center for internships and academic seminars hosts this event that he speaks for an hour. >> is my time to welcome our first guest speakers today, juan zarate. zarate, to the inside washington weeklong seminar, congress and the obama presidency. this program is one that brings to washington undergraduate students from all over the united states. i've been associated with this program as faculty director for about 10 years. and this is a program which is very dear to my heart. and we have consistently had some of the best, most authoritative speakers available. and cerda, this is true of juan zarate. there is a scene in the 1975 movie about the watergate invasion, all the presidents men. and there's a meeting in an underground washington garage and watch how holbrook, playing an informant known by the name of deep throat, tells robert redford playing bob warburg, the "washington post" reporter, that if he wants to find out who is responsible for the water great burglary, at democratic party headquarters, at the watergate, you should follow the money. well, we have some here today wh
Jan 3, 2010 9:00am EST
on todayÑit a southeast washington church where shots rang out on new year's eve. dozens of people were inside new life praise temple ministry on naylor road southeast thursday night when someone fired several shots into the building. no one was seriously hurt. police have not figured out who the gunman was, but they say it appears the church was Ñitarget. >>> police in princ george's county need your help in finding two sisters missing for nearly a week now. 14-year-old roxanne owen and her 11-year-old sister deja walked away from a friend's house last week and not been seen since. anyone with information is asked to call prince george's county police right away. >>> we are following a developing story out of yemen. the u.s. and british embassies are closed over threats from al qaeda. the threats in that region have escalated since the failed christmas day terror plot. president obama announced tt al qaeda's branch in yemen was behind the attempt to bomb a plane head for detroit. today, british prime minister gordon brown says his country will work with the u.s. and yemen to help figh
Jan 23, 2010 2:00pm EST
rock or washington. we're challenging the reputation of problem. -- we are challenging a reputational problem. we took on conan o'brien. it is such an easy joke for late-night television hosts to make. they look for a city to use as a punch line and they use newark. i love when they have big shows where people are coming to newark the overwhelming majority of people come are coming from outside the state of new jersey. i love going down to the bars and restaurants newark -- in newark and talking to them. they say they cannot believe this is newark, new jersey. i want to let people know the greatness of our cities of that we continue to attract residents. . . we really have jumped into social media as opportunity with facebook and other things to show people the inspiring stories, as i have told you in this speech, but also urban america and we need to change the image of cities in america to let people know the truth of who we are. that is what we are born to continue to try to do. -- what we are going to to continue to try to do. >> my name is carolyn and i am from albany, new york.
Jan 22, 2010 6:00pm EST
his death. thousands rallied in washington in the annual "march for life". it was the 37th anniversary of the supreme court decision of roe v. wade that legalized abortion. the anti-abortion crowd rallied at the white house, and then moved on to the supreme court. a handful of abortion rights supporters were also present. downpours eased today as the latest pacific storm moved out of southern california. the risk for mudslides and flooding remained, especially for residents in the foothills of the san gabriel mountains. a state of emergency was declared in five counties after nearly ten inches of rain this week. still, local officials said many evacuation orders in los angeles county will soon be lifted. those are some of the day's main stories. i'll be back at the end of the program with a preview of what you'll find tonight on the newshour's web site. but for now, back to jim. >> lehrer: and still to come on the newshour: shields and brooks; and who's in charge of the internet? that follows a rundown of a remarkable few days in politics. judy woodruff has the story. ( cheers and appl
Jan 10, 2010 6:00pm EST
washington with revelations about president obama, the clintons and sarah palin. how it could affect the president's agenda. >>> the bonus backlash. those bailed out banks dishing out fat bonuses now. is this acceptable behavior for the companies that brought the economy to its knees? >>> night shift. nbc confirms it is moving jay leno again. but will leno and conan o'brien go along with this? >>> and, happiness inc. she showed millions a road from misery to inner peace. so, why is she now on a different road? >>> good evening. washington, a town powered by gossip, is consumed tonight by a book spilling dozens of secrets from the 2008 campaign. today, top republicans were calling for harry reid to resign as the senate majority leader, afternoon just one of those secrets was revealed. reid's prediction that then candidate barack obama could become president because he was, quote, light skinned and had no negro dialect. today, the head of the republican party said there is a double-standard at work here. >> there is this standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they
Jan 24, 2010 8:30am EST
. at the haitian embassy in washington this past weekend, workers were inundated with bags of clothes and supplies. one of the busiest centers of aid is in south florida, which has one of the largest concentrations of haitians in the country. kim lawton reports that church officials and faith-based volunteers are working tirelessly to provide food and medical supplies. they are also grappling with the often-asked question: why did god let the earthquake happen? >> reporter: at a small airport in fort pierce, florida, a christian aviation ministry called missionary flights international has been working around the clock, trying to get desperately needed help into haiti. hundreds of volunteers from local churches are sorting and packing donations that have come in from across the u.s., from food and water to medical supplies, clothes, and even fuel. and m.f.i. pilots are flying in the cargo and emergency personnel as fast as they can. >> it's a great feeling. you know, most people like to help each other. we found that here. it's just amazing what's come together here. peoplwant to help do something
Jan 13, 2010 6:00am EST
>>> good morning. washington wants the white house, taking credit for the creation of 2 million jobs and preparing to announce t.a.r.p. fees. >>> china challenges, google threatens to pull out of the country and the u.s. equities at this hour, under a bit of appreciate dwrur and around the flat line as "squawk box" begins right now. >> good wednesday morning. welcome to squawk here on cnbc. i'm carl quintanilla along with joe kernen and carl quintanilla. i want to get to this morning's headlines. the white house says emergency spending measures last year saved up to 2 million jobs. harwood will join us in a few minutes with the latest on that. a senior administration officials says the president will announce plans tomorrow to raise up to $120 billion for fees on major financial firms. society generale issuing a mrovt warning today. the bank hit by new write-downs to the tune of 2 billion from risky assets. we will head overseas for reaction in a few minutes. >>> and a major earthquake hit haiti. and google, you saw this, threatening to leave china. the tech giant warns it will
Jan 20, 2010 12:00pm EST
will speak at u.s. conference of mayors meter here in washington. we'll have it live 3:00 p.m. eastern on c c-span3 >> earlier today, senate minority leader mism mcconel says he doesn't expect anymore votes on health in the senate until scott brown has been seated. scott brown won the special election shun massachusetts yesterday defeating state attorney general martha coakley. from the capitol, this is 20 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. slow news, huh? the people of massachusetts had an opportunity to speak yesterday, and they spoke rather loudly that they would like to see congress go in a different correction. direction. the massachusetts special election shun was unique in many ways. i was flying from kentucky last day, a number of people on the plane brought up as they have in last few months can you the health care bill? most interesting came up to me i'm con went of yours but i'm married to a man from massachusetts. here he is. and she introduced me to him. we're going to massachusetts to vote for scott. they made a special trip to go to massachusetts so he could vote for scott bro
Jan 7, 2010 1:00pm EST
at the white house several times. elsewhere in washington this afternoon, a discussion on u.s. policy toward afghanistan, ambassador richard holbrooke will be speaking about the administration's policy. he had to afghanistan and pakistan next week. we will have live coverage of his comments in just over an hour at 2:30 p.m. eastern on c- span2. and then tom vilsack here at the state department here in washington. a set -- a special briefing about the agriculture system in afghanistan. >> american icons, three original documentaries from c- span now available on dvt. a unique journey through the iconic homes of the three branches of american government. see the exquisite detail of the supreme court. go beyond the velvet ropes of public tours of the white house, america's most famous home. and explore the history, art, and architecture of the capital. american icons, a three disk dvd set. it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. it is available at /stohr. >> several political retirement an announcement over the last couple of days. representative chris murphy of connecticut sounds a
Jan 6, 2010 6:00am EST
saying he won't run in the fall either. dana bash joins us from washington. what led to senator dodd's decision not to seek re-election? >> reporter: a very, very tough re-election battle ahead, that's really the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
five countiecounties, and the ne hours could be critical. >>> and a rerows welcome in washington from republicans, but will he be the democrats' worst enemy? our cameras are there as scott brown makes his d.c. debut. >>> hundreds of survivors, many orphans, are near death this morning. doctors, unable to get their hands on basic medical supplies to save them. another aftershock rattling port-au-prince over night. no reports of injuries, no significant damage, just a lot of rattled nerves, an ambitious task set to begin in a week, and it's a logistical nightmare, the relocation of 400,000 homeless haitians to newly-built settlements on the outskirts of the capital. and stunning images showing the earthquake's sheer force. time-lapsed photos of the government's tax office the moment that it came tumbling down. >> there's also a critical development this morning altogether the main harbor in port-au-prince, inspiring much needed hope. the pier has been repaired. it's far from fully functional, but life-saving food and medical supplies can now be unloaded by sea. chris lawrence is li
Jan 23, 2010 11:00pm EST
of a powerful voices of special interest in washington. the result was a national agenda too often skewed in favor of those with the power to curry favors. we push back on the power by implementing a historical reforms, to get rid of the influence of special interests. on my first in office, we close to resolving. revolving door between lobbyists and government that nobody in my administration would make decisions based on the interests of former or future employers. we to executive officials. we imposed tough restrictions on funding to line the public of the well-connected. for the first time in history, we have publicly disclose the names of lobbyists and non- lobbyists like to visit the white house every day so that you know what is going on in the white house, the people's house. we have been making steady progress. this week, the united states supreme court handed a huge victory to the special interests and lobbyists and a powerful blow to our efforts to rein and corporate influence. it's strikes at our democracy itself. by a 5-4 vote, the court overturned more than a century of law,
Jan 31, 2010 10:30am EST
weapons of mass destruction. çtomorrow on "washington journal", a discussion about how in decoders' -- independent voters affect the 2010 election. afterç that, a look at childhod obesity in the u.s. and the first lady's a national campaignç with arkansas'q surgn john. "washington journal", live at 7:00 p.m. eastern, here on c- span. in the nation's capital and across the country, and listen to c-span radio. in washington and at 90.1. it is a free app. president obama's first state of the union address. he talks about the economy, health care and national security and his agenda for the year. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> the president of the united states. [applause] w3i] [applause] ç [cheering] >> thank you. thank you. çthank you. [gavel] >> members of congress, i have çthe armor to present to you te president of the united states. -- the honor to present to you of the president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thanmk you. thank you veryw3w3 much. thank you. madam speaker, vice president biden, members
Jan 8, 2010 2:00am EST
how much the democrats are going to lose in congress. scene of about washington, d.c. what about afghanistan itself? there are four issues, and they are not totally linked, and is afghanistan, pakistan, taliban, and outside of. i do not have time to get into pakistan, but it will probably depend on internal factors. in terms of afghanistan, let me repeat that we do not have any vital interest in afghanistan. we do not have any vital interest except domestic national security. that is why we are in afghanistan. we're looking closely to yemen. 10 years ago we would have been looking at the sudan, so you can see we do not have any vital interest in afghanistan itself except for domestic national security interests. that leads to the next question. what is the threat here in the united states and the west? i have done a survey of all of the al qaeda plots in the last 20 years since the creation of al qaeda. there has been no outsider insurgents as trumpeted three years ago even by some people on this panel. there have been only two lots with 2 al qaeda, and probably in new york -- tw
Jan 5, 2010 6:00am EST
officials were concerned small lee extremists might set off explosives in washington, d.c., as president obama took the oath of office. they did not know it was a false alarm. defense secretary, robert gates was taken to a secret location, just in case. >> one thing agreed was to keep robert gates, the defense security in a secret location in case the worse happened and everybody were to be killed in a catastrophic event, he could take over the presidency. >> it turned out to be a little more than just a rumor. >>> gilbert arenas was just playing a joke when he pulled guns out in the locker room. you have new wrinkles for us. >> it's a joke that nobody finds funny. gilbert arenas admits he drew a gun, but was kidding around. a voluntary meeting with authorities. he took four unloaded guns out to play a joke on a teammate. he never threatened or assaulted anyone. he recognizes it was a mistake. he stored them in the locker to keep them away from his children. he could be looking at punishment by the league and the law. >>> plaxico burris is in jail on gun charges. devin harris thinks 75%
Jan 5, 2010 5:00pm EST
of the washington capitals. our analyst joining me now. >> in a way it is. i expect the best player to be the captain. i think they did the right thing. >> reporter: there were other names like brooks and knuble. >> without a doubt he's the best player every night and i think it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: can he lead this team inside the locker room? is he a vocal leader? >> from everything i'm told he's the vocal leader. he's the guy they follow and he's the guy that stance stands up and he will always stand up and be counted. a greatert great leader with rob. he did his leading on the ice. >> reporter: i was told alex wanted to be the leader but it was important, heaved i want to be the captain but only if my teammate want me to. >> he wants his teammates to respect him and he wants to be the leader. he's a leader every night on the ice and there's absolutely no doubt he should be the go-to- guy. >> semyon varlamov out for for an injury. ninety fourith to make a start. jose theodore is disappointed he doesn't get to play not to mention one of his former teams. >> neurith has
Jan 6, 2010 9:00am EST
a master's in public policy. i moved to washington and worked first for congressman durbin who is now the majority whip in the senate but at the time he had just been elected to the house in 1982. a very close election. 1982 you will hear me talk about a lot of political changes over the years and 1982 was one of those big political years, the first midterm election after president reagan was elected. the country was in huge recession in 1982. i don't remember the exact number but an incredible number of democrats defeated long-term republican incumbents in the house and they refer to it as the class of '82. congressman durbin was part of that class. .. i went from the durbin office, i actually moved out to omaha, nebraska, with you i'm from massachusetts and had always lived in the east, so definitely a big change, but it was also fascinating. it was 1988 senate race, the incumbent was an appointed senator, the long-term incumbent had passed away and the republican governor had replaced him with senator david carn and i was working for the democrat who ran against him, former governo
Jan 19, 2010 11:00pm EST
in the best interests of our state and the country to go to washington to address these issues. i hope that as a nation and, we can do better in the future -- and as a commonwealth that we can do better in the future. i will continue to fight in address them here but everyone in massachusetts who cares about these issues. for me and for you, it the campaign comes to an end. there is plenty of work to do here is massachusetts. we will always remember our trip they senator ted kennedy and his words, "the work begins anew. the hope rises again. the dream lives on." thank you. thank you. [chanting "martha"] ♪ ♪ tonight is going to be a good night ♪ in [applause] thank you so much. what a great day. thank you very much. [cheering] [chanting "go scott, go"] >> thank you so much what a great reception. i bet they can hear this sharing of the way in washington, d.c. -- charing all the way in washington, d.c. >> [cheering] >> thank you. thank you. yes, i did this morning. thank you. i hope they are playing close attention. tonight the independent voice in massachusetts has spoken. from sp
Jan 28, 2010 6:00am EST
, not leading. and tim kaine said -- let's go to john heilemann in washington, d.c. what was your reaction to the speech last night? >> you know, joe, i kind of agree with you, and in some sense with almost everything all of those people said. the speech felt to me that it had something for everybody in it, and it let me feeling like there was a little bit of a grab bag quality to it. it's an interesting window into the white house's thinking. to me, the big question about the speech going in, was it going to reflect an assessment on the white house's part on the wake of everything that's happened over the last weeks and months, that they needed to make a dramatic mid course correction? and there was nothing about the speech that suggested that was the case. a lot of talking, small adjus adjustments to the left, small adjustments to the right. i don't think you will say a year ago that that's the moment that they seized the reins and went one direction or another. and it's interesting to me, because i don't think they think they are in big trouble. >> i think you're right. but wouldn't you
Jan 22, 2010 6:30pm EST
to the president's address live on their iphone with the c-span radio app. each year the washington center brings thousands of students to washington, d.c. to experience the workings of our government firsthand. this weekend, they will discuss politics, government, and their futures. "q&a" cited night at 8 on c- span. >> this weekend on the communicators, former senator and now head of the national association of broadcasters gordon smith on the sec -- fcc plan to expand the broadcast spectrum and what it might mean for broadcasters. saturday on c-span. now today's state department briefing. topics included relief efforts in haiti and u.s. relations with yemen. also, secretary of state clinton's recent remarks calling for china to reveal the bulls allegations that government sentience ship -- 's allegations about censorship. he spoke for an hour. >> i am try to get toing to getc ross down here. i'm delighted to have an opportunity to do that. he will be accompanied by fema administrator craig fugate. dr. shaw will be getting his second firsthand look at the u.s. operations there. he will meet wit
Jan 22, 2010 9:00am EST
in washington. speaker nancy pelosi says the current senate bill doesn't have a chance of making it through the house. but the white house still says that's their best plan "b." kelly o'donnell joins us this morning with the latest. was speaker pelosi being definitive with that statement or was she posturing and negotiating? >> reporter: well, chuck, we always focus on that "we don't have the votes now" part of her comment, but she also said "right now" and still believing it could be done. the weather here is kind of lousy this morning and it makes me think the speaker is in sort of a rain delay. she wanted to finish the game, storm came, she didn't expect, don't know when conditions will be right to get back on the field. that's the kind of feeling we're getting from democrats. she's not closing the door, but she did take off the table for now this idea of passing the senate version as it is. now, senate democrats who have been in charge of all this, they met last night, and when they emerged, they also said, we believe some kind of health care reform will be passed. but cryptically, we d
FOX News
Jan 26, 2010 7:00pm EST
that gives washington failing grades on wmd protection. >> there was no question in our mind to assess capability as an f. f. >> shepard: where we fall short and what the feds plan to do about it. and police say this man had a rifle and bullet-proof vest when they caught him. but that's nothing compared to what they reportedly found inside his motel room. urgent to begin tonight and toyota telling car dealers across the nation to suspend all sales of eight different models. the car maker reports the vehicles may have gas pedals that stick, which could leave you behind the wheel of a run away car. this comes just days after toyota recalled more than 2 million vehicles. here are the models that toyota reports it will now stop selling: toyota reports it will stop producing vehicles at plants in indiana, kentucky, texas, and in canada. it is just the latest problem for toyota. last year the automaker recalled more than 4 million vehicles on those cars gas pedals became trapped under the floor mats. the problem blamed for numerous crashes including some deaths. more information on this huge
Jan 12, 2010 12:00pm EST
in washington but for the commonwealth that is still a nice hung of change. i wasn't sure, wasn't any study we would jump up ridership that much, i knew we had to try. this was our best shot. if you look at topography of pennsylvania. this was our best shot to prove a market for high-speed rail and it worked. it worked. sometimes you have to, as mr. skanke said, you have to do it the. >> in it is also about transit oriented development and induced demand and economic activity in this megapolis we refer to in the urban areas that would grow as a result of that infrastructure being in place. that is one of those things. it is hard to measure until it is in place. >> mr. skancke, did you want to talk about reliable ridership issue or comment on this? >> i think we have studied ridership in this country for hundreds of millions of dollars. i didn't say years. hundreds of millions of dollars. and, as i said, we have to stop studying. we know, on all of the amtrak corridors throughout the country, there is a need and a demand. and as fuel prices go up, ridership goes up. as congestion goes up, rider
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 1:00pm EST
-- blow to democrats in washington. that means no more supermajority for democrats. the option to push through legislation with zero gop support, it's gone. senator-elect brown says he is eager to get to work in washington. >> i think it's important that we hit the ground running because there are some very important issues facing our country, and i've always had, contrary to, you know, the campaign's over now, and now we have to focus on solving problems, and i've had great working relationships with the delegation, and i'm looking forward to getting down there as quickly as i can. jamie: so what will happen in washington? we go to fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron who is live in boston. he sounds, brown, like he is beginning to push to be seated immediately. could that? >> there's going to be some delays, but the senator-elect is going to head down to washington tomorrow, he should be there late in the morning, and he plans to meet with the current interim senator occupying the seat he'll soon take and john kerry. they are all democrats. but it'll only be a short vi
FOX News
Jan 21, 2010 6:00am EST
brown meets with his new colleagues on the hill. joining us from washington right now is caroline schively has she often does every morning. we match today. >> we do. good planning, gretchen. quick in and out for senator-elect brown in washington today. he has to get back to boston to watch his daughter's basketball game tonight. first major impact of his election is being felt in washington. president obama told abc last night he might be willing to scale back his health care proposal to get some republican support. brown's campaign has sent a formal request to massachusetts secretary of state to certify his election before absentee ballots are counted so he can be seated as quickly as possible. >> i can't tell you how proud i am to be here standing before you all and being -- having an opportunity to maybe send the country in a different and better direction. that's my goal. >> brown arrives to the capital mid morning to visit with a few senators. first with john mccain and then john kerry and paul kirk who has been holding the seat since the death of ted kennedy. fourth offi
Jan 13, 2010 5:00pm EST
of the national press club today. my name is mark, i am the washington correspondent for workforce management, business magazine published by crain communications and ibm the chair of the national press club news makers committee however i am coming near the end of my tenure and in three days the new chair will be -- he is a member of the clutter and is it to be the news anchor chair for 2010. he writes for the india today group and also as a reporter for age and i also want to thank matt of the ad for kidder's group, press club member who helped us put together today's timely newsmaker. and today we are going to address the health care reform bill that is the subject of negotiations right now between the house and senate. we are pleased to welcome to the national press club south carolina attorney general henry mcmaster, he is one of 13 state attorneys general to sign a recent letter to senate majority leader harry reid and house speaker nancy pelosi protesting a provision of the health care bill that obligates the federal governor to pick up the entire cost of medicaid expansion in nebraska
Jan 29, 2010 6:00am EST
the last few days are concerns about all the regulation that seems to be coming out of washington, the potential regulation that could levee heavy taxes on banks and financial services. we pointed out that the obama new bank tax is probably going to add $100 billion in new taxes to those banks. if you go back and look at what's in frank's own legislation, there's something in there for the resolution fund that would raise about $150 billion to $200 billion in taxes on a lot of these financial services companies just to make sure that if there is a big problem, again, it's a way of taking care of itself, almost like an fdic. still, you add up all those numbers and you're talking about $200 billion to $300 billion in new taxes in money that would be coming out of the capital markets. we asked barney frank if that was a concern to him. listen in to what he had to say about that. >> you know, to get two years' worth of bonuses, it is extraordinary. apparently when they pay each other these enormous bonuses, that has no affect on their ability to lend. but a tax of one-tenth that amoun
Jan 23, 2010 10:00am EST
washington's next move is going. and so we said let's just freeze domestic discretionary spending at last year's level. my goodness, every small business owner, every family in this country is having to go through that exercise and frankly is having to cut, not just freeze. and in the same way, the suggestion that perhaps republicans wouldn't support transparency and even playing field and regulations that will control the amount of leverage on wall street, that's silly. of course we support efforts like that. but what we do know is that this administration -- and frankly the majority in congress has been very slow in getting the message out to auditors, regulators in the field that they should be reflecting the sentiments that the secretary of treasury and chairman of the federal reserve has said, which is we need to turn back to some sense of normalcy in the assessment of risk because we all know this country has been built on entrepreneurialism, on opportunity. it is not that we have seen our prosperity come from this government. that's where really, madam speaker, the differences lie,
Jan 30, 2010 2:00am EST
-- gives his state of the union address th. "washington journal" will be live. >> on tomorrows "washington journal" we will begin with a discussion of the top of the republican caucus. an advocate the high-speed rail plan with the american public transportation association. kevin carey will talk about the president's state of the union speech. nyu professor on mexico's war against drug traffickers. "washington journal" is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c- span. saturday, the history of executive power from george washington to george of the bush. john hughes talks about his book "crisis and command." it is part of our book tv weekend. >> american test is spreading good will overseas. >> i think so. >it is like a religion. >> he was without question the single most important figure in it jess in the 20th century. -- in jazz in the 20th century. >> now i indicate u.s. relations with north and south korea. you hear from james steinberg. the woodrow wilson center hosted this 50 minute event. they will be partnering with the institute for the eastern studies. we are honored to welcome a very
Jan 31, 2010 1:00am EST
your president. a man washington insiders say could have taken down the democratic party. john edwards, former democratic presidential contender, admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock after lying to everyone about it. the lurid details all released today in a book called "the politician" authored by edwards' longtime friend andrew young. how edwards and rielle hunter hatched a plan. >> was it logical? no. was it stupid, yes. did we do the right thing morally? no. absolutely not. >> andrew young also writes that he has a videotape that shows john edwards having sex with a woman who appears to be rielle hunter. >> there is one tape that was marked special. and we're just aghast. it's a sex tape of rielle and john edwards made just a couple of months before the iowa caucuses. >> are you absolutely sure that this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it's definitely him. you never see his face. it's a visibly pregnant woman. >> here's what they're saying at this hour. while we've not had an opportunity to view the interview or read the book, we urge extreme caution by everyone invol
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